Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wikipedia and Sheldon

I wish the Sheldon comic (pinched from the Sheldon site, which everyone should read everyday because it's momentous uberness should not be denied) I've pasted above had been available when I wrote my "Know It All" post. Of course, if it had been, I wouldn't have had to be so verbose.

Now, I have no choice but to bring it to your attention after the fact in what will appear to be a very cheap attempt to boost my post account for this month. Rest assured, I don't give a toss about post counts. However, I do care about directing readers to a really good web comic which makes points I want to make.


tornados28 said...

That is hilarious. I am not familiar with Sheldon. I will have to check it out.

I've posted before about how Wikipedia is a very suspect place to get your information. It might have some benefits but everyone who looks up stuff on Wikipedia should be very wary.

ThePenguin said...

You should really make your posts about Wikipedia available in wiki format, so the community can help ensure they adhere to the NPOV (neutral point of view) principle.

No, just joking - I like Wikipedia for the trivia, but I'm beginning to think it's getting too big for its boots.

I came across your blog recently, it's interesting to see how people live in Japan (I might back for a longer stretch next year).


Shari said...

tornados28: I hope you do have the time to read Sheldon. It's a truly excellent strip. Of course, I agree entirely with you about Wikipedia!

thepenguin: LOL. I've never edited a Wiki entry though I have read entries that I think could use an edit.

I do agree that it's good for trivia. The irony is that it excludes some entries that would be very useful for all purpose information. For instance, web comics are excluded unless they can prove they've received media coverage outside of web sources. It's just stupid. Wikipedia is perfect for obscure information but it's grown too pompous to include some of it.

Thanks for reading and thanks to both of you for commenting.

tornados28 said...

Although I think Wikipedia is very limiting, I have done some editing. I addedd probably 90 percent of the info for Otawara, Tochigi and I did substantial editing to Tochigi Prefecture as well as to Utsunomiya and Nikko. I also created the Bell Mall, Utsunomiya Wiki entry.

Shari said...

I think that it's excellent that you're taking the time to edit entries. The Sheldon comic is supposed to help people understand that the good content made by folks who know what they're talking about can be obliterated at any time by people who don't know what they're talking about.

Given the effort you made to add useful information, I'm betting you'd be bothered if someone with less experience and knowledge than you altered or deleted it. It's the risk of the format.