Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Semi-belated Birthday, Sharon

Living in Japan sometimes wrecks havoc with your conception of time in regards to special days for family back home. In the event that you remember some one's birthday on the right date, you have to wait a day to offer your good wishes because they haven't gotten there yet. This need to delay increases the chances that you'll forget by the time the day arrives for your family member.

This year, I remembered to wish my sister a happy birthday both yesterday (the 13th for me) and today (the 13th for her). Unfortunately, I didn't remember to blog on the right day and offer my good wishes on the right date. Sure, I can cheat and put up a fake day and time on the post to cover up my mistake, but I'm not quite that lame. I'll admit my mistake and take my lumps.

Unfortunately, Sharon's birthday hasn't been the greatest day. There was icy rain in western Pennsylvania and she spent the day cooped up with my mother, an unnecessary early wake-up call from our Mom telling her they couldn't go shopping because of the weather and further maternal demands to clean the refrigerator. I guess our mother feels that our birthdays aren't really all that special anymore.

I wanted to say, belatedly, that this day is special for me because I appreciate my sister and the friendship I have with her. I wish I could be there to do something special but the best I can do is say something which is (hopefully) special.

The birthday dragon picture above was pinched from Jame's Rhinehelder's Science Fiction and Fantasy Art page. If you like his art, please visit his page and have a look. His art is whimsical and evocative.


Sharon said...

Thank you Shari. And I loved the artwork. Going to go check it out now.

mjgolli said...

Happy belated birthday, Sharon!

She shouldn't feel too bad about the crappy weather. We in Ohio get it all before those in Penn do, and it rained an icy rain and turned to sleet. It was quite miserable. I would rather is just rain or snow, period. This mix crap is for the birds. There is no happy medium.

My mother makes plenty of demands on me as well, so she shouldn't feel alone in that respect, either. It is a blessing and a curse to live right next door to your parents... :)

Shari said...

Sharon: You're welcome. :-) I hope today is a better day!

mjgolli: You folks in Ohio are so generous taking the bad weather on the chin first!

I think Sharon would be happy if she only lived next door to our parents. As it is, she's the one who is stuck living with them. My mother is losing her sight to retinitis pigmentosa and has become increasing short-tempered and demanding as the years go on. While I sympathize with my mother as she's having a hard time, I wish she'd share it less with my poor sister!

Thanks to both of you for commenting!