Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's the Thought That Counts

The phrase "it's the thought that counts" is often used when people open a gift that was probably inexpensive or homemade. Sometimes it's even used when a gift is not really reflective of the interests of the recipient when, ironically, there was probably little thought or thoughts that indicate the giver didn't know the recipient very well at all.

It's rarely the case that someone utters the aforementioned phrase in a positive way which shows that they recognize a gift was very thoughtful. This is a tendency I'd like to change starting with one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received in my life from my friend, Shawn. I received a large surprise box from him for Christmas and was shocked and delighted by the contents.

Click to see a larger, more detailed picture.

To give you some idea of how Shawn did such an excellent job of making such a thoughtful gift, I'll tell you that we play an on-line game 2-3 times a week and chat via Skype while we play. On more than one occasion, I've lamented about my inability to cook something because of a lack of proper spices or ingredients in Japan. Shawn appears to have taken note of everything I mentioned and sent along whatever it is I didn't have and added a few lovely surprises. It's a care package that really shows care.

He also managed to provide me with a Christmas tree (after I blogged that my old one had gone to plastic tree heaven). And he sent me a monkey that yells when you launch it. There is very little cooler than a flying monkey!

I'm simply overwhelmed by how closely he listened to me and provided everything I talked about in our conversations. (I'm also impressed that he sent this huge heavy box by airmail at great expense.) It shows a great deal of thought and I can't express in words how much I appreciate that. Thank you, Shawn! I'll never forget this. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really is a thoughtful and wonderful gift. You Christmas spirits have been boosted another notch also. :D

Shari said...

Yes, indeed. I am one delighted camper. I'm really looking forward to trying new recipes with the things he's sent. I'm hoping to start with a cheesecake with graham cracker crust ASAP. :-)

Thanks for commenting, Barry.

mjgolli said...

This is what Christmas is truly about! What a superb gift!

Helen said...

Lovely present! I really like that tree too. Very cute idea.

Please send me a piece of cheesecake when you're done ;-)

Shari said...

mjgolli: Yes, I think so, too. :-) When you live here, this sort of care package from home means so much. It's not so much that one is deprived but there's a familiarity with certain things which is quite heart-warming when you haven't had them for awhile and someone provides them so thoughtfully.

Helen: I love the tree, too. It is a pretty nifty idea. I didn't even mention that there is origami paper and an instruction booklet with it to make more ornaments. It also had Christmas carols listed in back which would be handy if I could sing. ;-)

Somehow I doubt a piece of cheesecake would survive a trip in the post, but I'd send you one if I could!

Thanks to both of you for commenting!

Shawn said...

I just noticed I left the price tags on some components. I'm a classy gent ;) That tree turned out even better than I envisioned; I'm glad you put it to good use.

Shari said...

Shawn (aka, Santa): I didn't notice the price tags (though I did notice the whopping postage price). Trust me, it in no way detracts from your class or the appreciation I feel.

The tree looks great, and is perfectly sized for the only space I had available.

Thanks again. :-)

Harvey said...

Oh man I want those Peanut Butter Cups! I can literally feel my mouth watering as I type this. Ohhh man. I gotta tell my friend who is coming back from the states soon to bring me some!