Friday, December 21, 2007

Simpsons Christmas Mugs

The box that the mugs come in says "The Simpsons Christmas pair mug" on top of it.

This morning my husband went out for donuts at Mister Donut (for breakfast) and came back with the items pictured above. The Simpsons movie promotion has expanded to offering a special Christmas deal. The box on the bottom (with the tree) has 4 mont blanc cakes (strawberry, chocolate, chestnut, and green tea).

You can buy the box of 4 cakes and 2 Simpsons Christmas mugs for 1000 yen ($8.83). Each cake sells for 189 yen ($1.67). That means you get the mugs along with your fattening treats for 244 yen ($2.15) for the pair of them which is quite reasonable.

If you have any friends or family back home who are Simpsons fans, you might want to pick up the cups. I can't say for certain as I haven't conducted any extensive searches, but I don't believe these are available in the U.S, and they're very cute.

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