Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lifehacker and Lifehack

There are a great many blogs and sites that I follow which provide advice for improving your quality of life in one way or another. I really should add a section for links to such sites but I wanted to take a moment to recommend a couple which I've found particularly interesting and enjoyable.

Lifehacker provides tips and links to sites with tips about many aspects of life including using your computer, changing your living space so it is more attractive and efficient, making your own versions of things more cheaply, saving money and time and reducing consumption. I don't find every tip useful and tend to skim the headers for each one and generally find one of use or interest several times a week. The comments on Lifehacker often add even more to the tips and provide a lot of information as well.

The nice thing is that the tips are useful to those of us living in Japan for the most part and not specifically geared toward people in any particular life situation. I strongly recommend bookmarking it and giving it a glance on a daily basis.

While Lifehacker is mainly concerned with improving your external life, Lifehack is concerned with both improving your outer and inner life (but not in a spiritually-oriented way so please don't think it's a religious site). There is an absolutely excellent post there on "10 virtually instant ways to improve your life" which every person ought to be forced to read again and again until they act in accord with those ideas and teach them to their children, friends, coworkers, and pets. Honestly, the world would be a happier place if everyone followed those steps (or at least tried to do so).

As with Lifehacker, I don't find everything useful but I give the headings a read everyday and find several really good items a week. The links to tips for using vinegar are particularly interesting this week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to the new sites. And may I recommend `The Power of Now` by Erkhart Tolle. This book covers a lot of those topics and a lot more in a spiritual content.

Miko said...

Wow, those are great sites! Thanks for posting, I think I'll be visiting them a lot.

Shari said...

I'm glad to hear that you folks found them useful. Thanks a lot for the comments!

Anonymous said...

The 10 Virtually Instant Ways are so great I have copied them (with credit) and will be distributing them to my inmate students at the prison in which I am a volunteer instructor. Thank you for the reference.

Wally Wood

tornados28 said...

Good suggestions, thank you. I checked them out and they look interesting.

Leo said...

I also like to nose around zenhabits.net (sorta like lifehack) and persistenceunlimited.com (goal setting site). I usually find some good things at both sites