Sunday, July 29, 2007


After a brief e-mail exchange with newly-minted professional Internet author Sean P. Aune, I've decided to give writing for Helium a try. There are three main differences between writing for Helium and Blogcritics. The first one is that Helium seems to be less of a hotbed for political, social and cultural commentary. The second is that I'm pretty sure that Helium has a smaller readership than the mighty Blogcritics. Third is the fact that Helium is supposed to pay you a share of advertising profits.

While I'm not expecting to get rich any time soon (or necessarily make a few bucks, honestly), I figured that I'd give writing for Helium a try. At first, I'm probably going to be revamping content which I've posted about on this blog such that it suits a self-contained article format. I'll still write for Blogcritics on occasion but I'll be splitting content according to what seems most appropriate for a particular outlet.

My first article is an expansion and rounding out of a story I told here before awhile back. If you're interested, you can find it here.


Sean P. Aune said...

Yay! Go Shari! I have no clue how much you'll make, but anything is better than $0:) Keep us updated to your pieces.

Shari said...

Thanks, Sean. And thanks for your help. I'll be investigating the other information you gave me at some point when I have more time and energy.

My first piece has earned 27 cents so far. Woohoo! ;-)

Seriously, I don't expect much money from this but, as you say, anything is better than zero.

Roy said...

Personally, I think you should go for the big bucks rather then settle for 27 cents. You have already proved that you can write insightful and thought-proking content on a consistent basis. This is the cornerstone of any successful blog and not everyone can do this.

You may have seen this blog before

His blog brings in something like $40000+ per month and is one of the top ranked blogs on technorati. Now, he only posts about once a week but his posts are usually pretty good. I think you have it in you to be like this guy. It takes a bit of blog marketing and some technical knowledge but creating the content is 99% of it.