Sunday, May 13, 2007


My oldest private student has been coming for over a year now on Wednesday evenings. In the beginning, she was all alone and I granted her a fair bit of latitude regarding the time she showed up. Since then, she's been book-ended by two other students and now has to be on time.

When I related the change in situation to my student recently, she pondered why Wednesday is such a popular day for scheduling. I told her that Saturday was actually the most popular day followed by Wednesday for my students who are working full-time. Thursday and Friday appointments seem to only be taken up by retired people and housewives. Sunday is simply not popular at all. It appears that most of my students want to use Sunday to really relax and use Saturday to get things done.

The reason that Saturday is such a big day is rather obvious. Wednesday's popularity is a bit odd but my student came up with what she believed to be the answer. She said that accountants are not supposed to work overtime on Wednesdays so it's the day when some people have free time in the evening. It could be that that a day devoted to one category of worker going home on time encourages all other employees to leave on time or at least not work quite so late.

Of course, there is also the fact that more of my students work in accounting than any other type of work. At present, I have 3 students who work full-time in accounting sections among my 12 students. I'm not sure why those in accounting should be so interested in English but they all say that they want to broaden their skills so they can change their work. It makes me wonder if accounting jobs really are as boring as they are reputed to be or if these people are simply paid better and therefore able to shell out the yen for private man-to-man lessons more easily.


Luis said...

There's another reason: Wednesday is kind of like a mini-Saturday. Whenever a business has a mid-week closed day, it more often than not is on Wednesdays. Why, I have no idea.

Shari said...

In the case of my students, this may or may not apply as all of them work in offices (those that are employed full-time) and do the usual Mon.-Fri. schedule.

However, as you say, a lot of businesses do have a day off mid-week if they are open on weekends and Weds. seems to be the day of choice though there are exceptions (Akiyoshi being closed on Monday, for instance).