Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pizza Madness

image courtesy of the fine folks from Pizza Hut Japan

Pizza places in Japan seem to constantly be changing and adding crust options. Like Pizza Hut in America, they offer pan pizza, cheese crust, and an "Italian crispy" (thin) crust. They also offer a crust which has "wieners" wrapped inside the edges which sounds okay but is actually pretty vile because the sausages are nasty.

The most recent, pictured above, is a crust that consists of little rolls stuffed with three kinds of cheese (parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella). The idea is to pull off the little rolls and eat them alone before eating the pizza itself. This isn't such a strange idea but the portion inset picture is where it gets weird. Even if you can't read the Japanese, you can see one of the rolls with some sort of syrup on it and a red maple leaf under it. From that alone, you can take the hint but I'll tell you that it says "honey maple syrup" on the red leaf. Yes, that's right. You can squeeze honey maple syrup on your cheese crust pizza.

My husband and I ordered a pizza with this crust this evening and the little rolls taste pretty much like a cheese sandwich. I can't imagine why someone would want to put honey maple syrup on a cheese sandwich but Pizza Hut probably knows how to market things better than I do.

The pizza above, incidentally, is the "Crab and Shrimp Mayo King". It's toppings include crab, shrimp, mayonnaise (obviously), corn, onion, and broccoli. Pour on some honey maple syrup and you're set for a feast. :-p


Mallika said...

It sounds bonkers! But then it's such a cultural thing, isn't it?

Mark said...

i would eat that.