Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just Wonderful

Sometimes I think the weird English on Japanese items is intentionally strange. While I'm sure it's just nonsensical at times because the meaning is unimportant and it's just meant to be decorative wording, I have to think the person who decided to brand this toilet paper as "Wonderful" must have gotten the joke.

Don't get me wrong. I don't intend to start making a bunch of postings and go out of my way to take pictures of these sorts of things. In general, I'm far less amused by these things than most foreigners. My husband enjoys these types of things as does his brother but I've grown a little immune to the humor for some reason.

It wasn't even that I found this one so funny but rather that this brand replaced my normal brand of generic el cheapo toilet tissue ("Bell W", cleverly emblazoned with a picture of a bell over a big letter "W") at the local drug store. I must say that this one seems far more enthusiastic about the quality of its product than the former brand.

The little saying on the inset is pictured at the bottom of this post. This seems to be indicating that I'm going to have a far better experience with this tissue than with other brands. It's actually a little creepy to write about having a "satisfied feeling" on a package of toilet paper.

I haven't tried this tissue yet but somehow I doubt it's going to prove more satisfying than my old brand of 200 yen per 12 roll package of toilet paper. There's only so much satisfaction you can get for a little under $2.00.

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