Friday, June 22, 2007

A Shop You Must Go Into

Back when I was still an Apple zealot, I bought a QuickTake 150 camera for a relatively princely sum (at the time). We took a fair number of pictures around Tokyo as well as of our apartment at that time and I recently ran across them while consolidating back-up CDs for transfer to a back-up DVD.

The camera was better than a lot of digital cameras at that time but not nearly as good as those that soon followed. One problem was that it didn't have a handy-dandy LCD display to preview the shot and its flash was very crude. Another was that the resolution was pretty low. Eventually, the camera's interface (Mac serial bus) was phased out and I then had years without a camera. In fact, I only got a new digital camera just prior to starting this blog and probably never would have started writing it without my new camera.

The pictures we took with the QuickTake were fine as long as they were smallish and outdoors. One of the places my husband took a shot of 11 years ago was a shop in Koenji which I'm certain is no longer there but has to have one of the greatest names ever.

This place has a name you couldn't possibly forget. It also had to be intentionally named in a crude manner. There's simply no way this is one of those "funny English" mistakes that people take so much delight in cataloging on their web sites.

I'm certain my husband and I probably went into this place and looked around though I can't remember anything about it now. It's likely that the goods within weren't nearly as interesting as the shop's name. There are tons of T-shirt shops around Tokyo and after awhile, even the funny English ones start to seem pretty boring. If nothing else, one can see the value in naming your shop right in attracting potential customers. It's too bad that the name probably didn't lure many Japanese customers inside.

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CMUwriter said...

Shari, you talk about that shop like it is the "shit".