Monday, June 25, 2007

New Air Conditioner

As I posted previously, our landlord arranged for a second air conditioner to be installed in our apartment and today was the magic day. While this may seem extravagant and wasteful given how small our place is, bear in mind that the point is to use one air conditioner at a time, not both at once, and that it will actually be more efficient using one in each room rather than running one longer to cover two rooms.

This is a relatively standard air conditioner designed to cover one 6-mat room and not dissimilar from the one we already have except to the extent that it seems to reflect some enhancements in technology. It seems much more powerful and can really push out the air on the high setting. I don't know if it just has a better fan behind it or if our old one has a weak fan but it's quite impressive. My husband tested it out and he discovered it easily covers both the living room and kitchen (though we don't plan on using it for both except on rare occasions).

The fellow who installed it, a younger guy with longish hair, seemed concerned that installing it above our window would be a problem because of the shallow ledge that would be below the A/C. He wanted to install it on the wall with the bookshelf (picture above) in the corner of the room. In fact, he moved the bookshelf on top, the speakers, and the statue you see in anticipation of putting it there. He picked up the bookshelf with all the books still on it and broke it because it's not supposed to be moved while at full extension with all that weight on it. Either he didn't notice what he did or moved it back without saying anything about it. Every time someone delivers or installs something in our apartment, they damage something and walk away without acknowledging it or trying to fix it.

This position he wanted in the corner of the room would push the air over the sofa for the most part (rather than into the center of the room and toward the kitchen), we really didn't want it there. My students sit on the sofa when they come for lessons and Japanese people tend to be more sensitive to cold. The last thing I need is having an air conditioner blow directly on my students and only hitting me peripherally. It turns out that only the heating function would be affected by the ledge and we have no intention of using it for heat so we convinced him to put it over the window.

Now that the air conditioner is installed and works very well, I can commence with the swapping of furniture. My husband and I decided this would be a good time to replace our worn carpet in the living room since I'll be moving almost all of the furniture out anyway. We went to a local shop and ordered a dark gun metal gray carpet which will be delivered on Thursday.

Being female, the idea of rearranging all the furniture is pretty exciting. Being sane, the notion of all the cleaning associated with this moving isn't something I'm looking forward to but I realize it's necessary and the end result is going to look better. I'll be starting this weekend after my last lesson on Sunday.


CMUwriter said...

Congrats on the new air conditioner. I have to say that it is quite impressive that your landlord made it happen for you so quickly. I seriously can't believe that from start to finish he made it happen in just a few days. Don't even get me started on my drama with the landlord about my air conditioning, which i installed myself.

CMUwriter said...

BTW Shari: Did he have to cut a hole out of your wall to install the thing or something?

Shari said...

I'm somewhat surprised myself. However, when we were investigating having an A/C installed at our own expense, he told us he used a somewhat expensive installation company but would research a more affordable one for us to use. It could be he pays a little more.

I'm absolutely certain our landlord is unique in this regard. It could be his character or it could be that his proximity to this building (right next door) makes him more personally involved but I wouldn't be surprised at all if most people had a lot more trouble than we do.

He did indeed need to cut a huge hole in the wall to put the air conditioner in. My husband said it was nearly big enough to put your fist through. I guess given the age of the place and the reduced amenities compared to more modern places, a second A/C may make this place more attractive to future tenants.

Thanks for your comment!

CMUwriter said...

That is really cool that you still get the use of your window if you want to....oh i don't know....LOOK OUT IT. I am surprised as the size of the thing. I guess they make it so small because the apartment is a lot smaller than an american one. Anyway i hope it cools you off and doesn't feeze your students' asses off at the same time.