Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not Burning My Bridges Paying Off

A lot of people fantasize about kissing off their company in a spectacular fashion when they finally have another job and can quit. I can't say that I'm any different or at least that, there weren't times when I was having a hard time at my job and fantasized about telling the president to take his job and cram it in a dark internal cavity. By the end though, the president had sold us off and I wasn't mad about anything or at anyone. I spent the last few years being relatively content except in regards to the air conditioning being set to solar levels in the summer and ended on a high note.

I quit a bit over a year ago and, in the first year, I was able to get freelance work from my former place of employment to the tune of about $4,000 last year. This was very helpful with all the expenses and lingering debts. Since I know this work well and can do it from home, it's always something I welcome though sometimes it's a lot of extra work. In the two upcoming months, I've got a lot more of this type of work coming my way so I'm not sure what my posting will be like when it all kicks in.

It started with a company that needed to do telephone call lessons on the weekend only. When I worked in the office, I worked Tuesday-Saturday but this company needs a lot more hours than can be done on one Saturday but there aren't enough hours to justify hiring and training a part-timer. So, my replacement can't do this company and they can't hire someone else so I get about 16 hours of work each week for 6 weeks. I'll need to work my tail off on weekends.

I got another call today and they want me to do about about 7 more hours worth of work every other week concurrently with taking care of this company. I'm very happy to get the work but I'm somewhat intimidated by juggling my private lessons amongst this other work. I know I can do it all and I actually won't be working nearly as much as a full-time person but fatigue may slow down my posting in May and June.

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