Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Loony

I've tried several times to write a coherent birthday post for my friend Shawn and I'm afraid that it's a relationship that defies coherence in all its forms. In fact, defying logic, sense, sanity, and coherence is pretty much Shawn's goal. Most people are simply not going to understand a word I'm going to say but I'm pretty sure that's something Shawn would appreciate. Creating confusion is his highest goal so it seems appropriate to create some in his honor.

Shawn was there when the Carl was born. He's one of the few people who understands what it is to be a Carl and to act as one as often as possible. He stuffs wombats. He laughs at my Simpsons references. He thinks Ook-ook is a great name. He understands the charm of cartoon tigers and ducks. He shouts "Leeroy Jenkins" at exactly the right moment to make me laugh. He's uber for all the right reasons.

Allow your wombat to give you a hug for me. We'll be raising a glass, blowing a kiss, and maybe even kneeling down for just a moment before the great wombat king on the day of his birth. However, Sharon is still going to want to beat you when you annoy her.


Shawn said...

Thank you. It's 9am here, and it's going to be a long day, but I can't tell you how much this helped. Thank god the wombats can keep me company...

Shari said...

The wombats are always there in spirit. :-)

I hope your day is going better than expected and that you have a few moments to reflect on how your presence on this planet makes the people you have contact with very happy.