Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Of Blogger and Browsers

I usually post from Firefox on my PC but I was working on the Mac today and decided I'd post from the Mac. Unfortunately, I was in for an annoying surprise when I attempted to use Safari to post.

The screenshot above (click on it to see a bigger, easier to read version) is what the screen looks like when I use Safari. If you look at the toolbar across the top (just under the "Title" box), you can see there are only two icons. From Safari, the only thing you can do is spellcheck or add a picture.

The screenshot above is from Firefox on the PC and, as you can see, there's an entire row of options when posting including font type, size, style and color, linking, paragraph alignment, list formatting, spellchecking, picture addition, and format erasing.

I'm not sure if the absence of these options on Safari is because of Apple's coding of Safari or if it's related to Blogger not supporting the Mac's default browser. Either way, it's yet another reason to use Firefox.


Clayton said...

well, firefox on a mac works well.

Luis said...

Yeah, Safari doesn't show those buttons in GMail well, either. Which makes sense, seeing as how they're the same buttons that don't work in Firefox.

I still prefer Safari, however--but probably for reasons that are more personal than general. I don't like the way Firefox updates, I don't like the lag between updates to the browser and then to the plugins, and it just feels like a sloppier browser. But that's just me.

Where Safari can't do something, I just open Firefox also. No big deal. It even allows me to log into two GMail accounts at the same time...

Shari said...

Early on in my Firefox on a Mac usage, something or other bugged me or didn't work properly so I just started using Safari. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that I don't recall what it was. It's probably an issue that was peculiar to my set-up or has been long since fixed. Since I do most web-related work on the PC, I hadn't thought about it until I was using Filemaker Pro on the Mac and decided to do a blog post.

I also prefer Safari though I find some of its buttons idiosyncratic and its bookmark system annoying.