Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Posting about a Christmas ornament I received (happily) in October may seem a bit hypocritical after I commented rather unfavorably about how outrageously early it was for convenience stores to start advertising Christmas cakes. I respectfully say that this is rather different.

I ordered the ornament above a little less than 2 weeks ago from 'N Toonz and got it yesterday. The character is from one of my favorite web comics, Melonpool. Sammy is a 200 lb. hamster that runs in a huge hamster wheel to power a spaceship. I have a special affinity for big, dumb creatures as well as web comics with well-developed characters. I'm very pleased with how well this three-dimensional representation of a two-dimensional character came out. It's custom-made and you can see some thumbprints in the polymer clay if you click and observe the bigger picture.

I'm not usually a fan of knickknacks or little dust catchers but this character is near and dear to my heart and each ornament is a limited edition for the year in which its produced. If I had a Christmas tree (or a place to put one), I'd happily hang it on it each year. Since I won't have one while I live in my tiny apartment, he'll have to sit on my computer desk year 'round. What a shame. ;-)


Nathan Miller said...

I was in a book store yesterday and was not surprised yet a taken back...The Nengajou books were already lined up...blogging about a Christmas gift in October is the new in-thing...isn't it??

Shari said...

It's not a gift if you buy it for yourself. ;-)

I was surprised to see Christmas ornaments for sale in Japanese stores already. You'd think with such limited space, they would wait until the Halloween crap was out of the way.