Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prepare for Blog Action Day

In comments on my previous post, tornados28 made me aware of Blog Action Day on October 15. The idea is to get as many bloggers as possible discussing the same topic on one day in order to raise awareness. This year, the topic is the environment. I felt I'd do my part in getting other bloggers to get on-board and take part by making a post about it.

While I often feel that bloggers overestimate their knowledge on the topics they discuss and feel they know far more and understand topics more deeply than they actually do, I feel they cannot underestimate their influence. Whether people agree or disagree with you, someone will almost always end up reading what you say and you can have an affect on their thinking.

To that end, I encourage everyone to take part but to do so in a personalized manner. We're all exposed constantly to factual data about the situation with the environment and regurgitating this information isn't going to do much more than bore everyone, particularly if everyone is talking about the same topic. Rather than preach, warn, or try to dryly educate people, I suggest you offer up something unique to your perspective or experience which can influence others in a positive manner.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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Timothee said...

Let's find a good thing to post on this October 15th !
Good luck !