Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Indulge Me

Images pinched from the Sheldon archives.

I usually don't make these sorts of posts because it seems rather silly to post about a link to another site but I came across a "political "site while I was reading Sheldon (a great comic that is full of charm - I encourage everyone to give it a read).

If you haven't seen Superman II though, you won't get it. Go here and Kneel.


Gaia Dove said...

Hi... I just wanted to say I "LOVE" your blog... I was thinking of going to Japan to teach English at my mom's home town, Myoko, Niigata with my Husband. (I'm half-Japanese and my husband is Caucasian) The more I read your blog, I’m not sure if my husband could handle it… not to mention Myoko is pretty rural.

Your observation of Japanese culture is very insightful (I'm half and know a lot of these tendencies, but I'm still a bit defiant of them, much to the Japanese people’s dismay.) I work with the Japanese at my job in the US and so I have contact with them all the time. Keep writing… it’s really fun to read and I need the distraction. :D

Shari said...

Hi, gaia dove, and thanks so much for your very kind words!

I'm guessing that rural areas would provide a rather different experience than Tokyo. I've never lived in a rural area but my friend (and former co-worker) Joseph at "Tame Goes Wild" (listed in my links section) has spent some time in rural areas doing manual labor. The people were wonderful to him but it is a bigger culture shock (not much English at all). You may want to check out Joseph's experiences while working for WWOOF (search his blog under that term) to hear about his experiences in rural Japan.

Thanks again for your encouragement! It is greatly appreciated!